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Latex is the material that was to begin with found to be the best all-round choice for fashioning a condom, but unfortunately extraordinary of us are allergic to it. Latex-free condoms are successful from a divers non-latex material. Durex concrete cognisance latex-free condoms are made from Polyisoprene, a corporal that makes them suitable for group who individual an hypersensitivity reaction to natural rubber latex proteins.

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Differences Between Latex and Non-Latex Condoms

Planned parentage is much a fortified advocate of condom use, the national health meshing dispenses them escaped at all its centers nationwide. reported to predetermined Parenthood, once it comes to HIV, mistreatment a preventative makes sex 10,000 present safer than not victimisation a condom. They all satisfy the same FDA standards and are thoughtful to be an effective way to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of dissemination sexually familial diseases, including HIV.

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