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A man's jaw has been shattered later on he collided with a kangaroo time blood sport in occidental Australia's wheatbelt. Joshua Hayden was hunting with his brother in a pen near Kellerberrin on tues night once the pair blemished iii kangaroos. The 19-year-old aforementioned one of the kangaroos disappeared and, as he stuck his scheme out of the window to human a attempt at the other two, the marsupial launched itself at the billowing car."It actually collided with the face of the car and smashed the front window," he said."Then it bounced aft onto me and headbutted me straight in the jaw."Mr Hayden said he was comatose for around 30 seconds earlier he came around."I woke up and my monk was trying to tell off me what happened," he said.

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How the pop punk scene became a hunting ground for sexual misconduct

Up in my bedroom, I listened to it for the first time, and I felt my world shift, somehow, as I heard the thoughts I could never articulate myself from the mouth of a stranger. Six months later, I won a challenger to meet the band when they were to come in to state capital with my other favourite band, Blink-182. I wrote a letter to Brand New, specifically its singer, Jesse Lacey, thanking them for everything. Much to my heartbreak the show was cancelled, but I got a signed poster instead, with “Giselle, I love you” scrawled on it.

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‘Monster Hunt 2’ Review: Sweet, Silly, Inevitable Hit Sequel – Variety

” are the one and the same first-year words in Raman Hui’s new Chinese-language, live-action/CG interbred tribe adventure. And you’ve scarcely had time to wonder if that power be a cynical advance apologia for a possibly cheapjack sequel to a wildly democratic original, ahead you discovery yourself obeying. A fat little cross betwixt sister Groot, a Porg, and a stress pellet screw-topped with a clump of cress hair, he is an real infant to boot, so duple aww! “Monster Hunt 2” is so perfectly good-natured and so utterly nonsensical that it makes not-thinking-about-it au fond an act of self-preservation, for which, bless its bouncing, gurgling, flolloping heart. Plus, he speaks in a periodical of delighted squeaks and giggles that make the medium Gerber sister healthy like a 40-a-day party who spends all day at the dog track.

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Kangaroo strikes back against hunters' car, breaks man's jaw - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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