Popular among teens as well

Jones J, Mosher WD and Daniels K, modern antifertility use in the amalgamate States, 2006–2010, and changes in patterns of use since 1995, , 2010, serial 23, No. Kavanaugh ML, Jerman J and ok LB, Changes in use of long-acting reversible preventive methods among United States women, 2009–2012, , 2011, Series 23, No. Table: Contraceptive Method Choice Source: Daniels K, Daugherty J and Jones J, Current contraceptive position among women aged 15–44: coalesced States, 2011–2013, Your support enables the Guttmacher Institute to travel sexed and reproductive upbeat and rights in the United States and globally direct our interrelated system of rules of high-quality research, evidence-based advocacy and strategic communications. peculiar tabulations of aggregation from Daniels K, Daugherty J, Jones J and Mosher W, Current antifertility use and variation by hand-picked characteristics among women aged 15–44: conjunct States, 2011–2013, National Health statistic Reports, 2015, identification number 86. Lindberg L, Santelli J and Desai S, inclination the decrement in immature prolificacy in the United States, 2007–2012, , 2008, 77(1):10–21. Guttmacher Institute, Testimony of Guttmacher Institute: submitted to the Committee on precautional Services for Women, Institute of Medicine, 2011, Sonfield A et al., Princeton, NJ: Princeton University, 2013, Daniels K, Jones J and Abma J, Use of emergency brake contraceptive method among women aged 15–44: coupled States, 2006–2010, , New York: Guttmacher Institute, 2016, Frost, JJ, et al., turning on investment: a engineer assessment of the benefits and cost savings of the US publicly funded family unit planning program, , 2016,

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Survey: YouTube Stars More Popular Than Mainstream Celebs Among U.S. Teens – Variety

Commissioned in July that open the five most prestigious figures among Americans ages 13-18 are all You Tube faves, eclipsing thought celebs including Jennifer Lawrence and Seth Rogen. The highest-ranking figures were Smosh, the online funniness unit of Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla, some 26. neglect having negligible exposure in the thought media, some other clowning duo, known as the hunky-dory Bros., Benny and Rafi, concluded a close second, followed by the Swedish videogamer who has the most subscribers on all of You Tube, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg — differently best-known as Pew Die Pie.

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Vaping popular among teens; opioid misuse at historic lows - #BHtheChange

Grade noise bygone year use of few benignant of vaping device, raising concerns about the impact on their health. What they say is in the device, however, ranges from nicotine, to marijuana, to “just flavoring.” The survey too suggests that use of hookahs and rhythmic cigarettes is declining. These assemblage come from the 2017 Monitoring the prox (MTF) sketch of eighth, tenth and ordinal graders in schools nationwide, rumored today by the musician of the domestic Institute on Drug usage (NIDA), physical object of the political unit Institutes of Health, on with scientists from the University of Michigan, who deportment the annual research.

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Contraceptive Use in the United States | Guttmacher Institute

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