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The Bureau part teenaged tribunal (BCTC) is a unforced deciding to the criminal administration plan of action for infantile offenders who have betrothed a archetypal minute offense. Operating on the philosophy that it is major to prevent transgression than to penalise it, police period officers have a accord work action as an alternative to process formal charges. The goal of the teenage tribunal is to intervene in first anti-social, delinquent, and criminal behavior, and to cut down the incidence and keep the escalation of such behavior.

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Teen Court - Sumter County Clerk of the Courts

It is a turn program for front time juvenile offenders who permit their guilt. Guilt is not an provision in Teen Court, it is rigorously a sentencing phase. Those who are recognised and successfully complete the program will have their charges born by the government Attorney.

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Teen Court Teen Court

Our contestation is that if peer pressure can be used to maintain a destructive influence, it as well can be second hand as a positive force. Those who work with age bracket accept righteous how helpful peer pressure can be in the decision-making process of all formative minds. adolescent Court is supported upon the expound that most new folk deprivation to do what is right when devising decisions.

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Teen Court | Bureau Co. Circuit Clerk's Office | Princeton, IL

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