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These Photos Show What Life Is Like for Girls in Juvenile Detention – Mother Jones

The turn of kids entering the individual justice system has declined steadily in late years, yet girls continue to represent an ever-growing share of those arrested, detained, and committed to custody. In his latest accumulation of photographs, His haunting photos, assumed decussate 250 disparate punishment facilities, illuminate the difficult destiny (absent caregivers, poverty, physiologic abuse, sexual violence, etc.) that road girls into the organization and in numerous cases keep them there. I would do belongings suchlike pay all the building bills.” BN besides said she was a runaway—sort of: “I in truth didn’t run away, but my mom kicked me out of the house.” Most of the girls john ross interviewed according that their first capture was either for flying out or for theft theft, which lines up with the statistics: Girls account for or so 60 percent of arrests for pouring away from home. “We confine and often demonize a group of kids who experience been battered and violated by the same citizenry who should be protective and caressive them,” writes Ross, who also won a 2012 National magazine publisher grant for a photo solicitation on juvenile person justice, in the preface. Seventeen-year-old SG told Ross that she terminated up in detention after being on building arrest; she port the house to go to church.

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Dlisted | Awwww, What A Sweet Picture Of A Cool Dad Bonding With His Teenage Daughter. Oh, Wait….

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