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Puffy Ami Yumi is a pop/rock asian musical group that performs the Teen Titans Go! The band consists of two animal artists: Yumi Yoshimura, nicknamed Sue, and Ami Onuki, whose nickname is Jane. Puffy Ami Yumi transferred to charles dudley warner Music lacquerware in 2015. The building block continues to go by the moniker of unhealthy in Japan, but in order to avoid eligible naming conflicts with Sean Combs, have adopted the name Puffy Ami Yumi in the confederative States. Ami Onuki, whose nickname is Jane, and Yumi Yoshimura, nicknamed Sue, were scouted by Sony-affiliated talent agencies and put together in the mid-1990s.

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"Teen Titans Theme" is the song sung at the natural event of all program in immature Titans series from 2003-2006. Another version of the song was song in episode "Trouble in Tokyo" during the time period when assaulter Boy sings vocalizing and during the end credits, where the whole team up sings it. Beast Boy: I will adapt the communication rules young TITANS! This version of the content song is the translated written material of the nipponese young Titans content song which appears in episodes that are supposed to be comedic and funny — hence the rummy and strange lyrics. They've got the bad guys on the run They never stop ‘till the job is through with 'cause when the humanity is losin' all control Teen Titans GO! Robin: I will eat everything without likes or dislikes TEEN TITANS! Raven: Papa's schedule criterion Mama's weight body process Wishes are endless teenaged Titans, go.

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* When there's trouble, you know who to shout (TEEN TITANS! ) From their tower, they can see it all (TEEN TITANS! ) ne'er met a villain that they liked (TEEN TITANS! ) once there's black on the attack You can rest knowing they got your rearward 'Cause when the world needs heroes on patrol teenaged TITANS, GO! ) They got the bad guys on the run They ne'er stop until the job gets done 'Cause once the mankind is losing all dominance TEEN TITANS, GO! If your heart is black, you bang-up watch out You cannot run the animal group When they catch you, there won't be any discredit You've been beaten by the teens beaten by the time of life T-E-E-N!

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