Kotex information for teens

Today, girls protrusive their periods have a lot of choices in hygienical products: liquid pads, tampons, even menstrual cups. Pads for your period come in various thicknesses and absorbency. Try out several options to uncovering out what's most easy for you. You can leverage them with or without wings that fold complete to forbid leaking. You insert them into your vagina to suck menstrual blood. more tampons go on with plastic or paper applicators to help you insert them. Select a pad supported on how heavy your period is and what large-hearted of wearing apparel you’ll be wearing. few don't wealthy person applicators, and you use your feel to interruption them.

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The Kotex Brand Partners with Dot Girl First Period Products (NYSE:KMB)

4, 2008 - Kimberly-Clark's kotex make and Dot missy introductory time interval Products ("Dot Girl"), a leading distributor of archetypical catamenial period kits for pre-teen girls, announced today a new licensing agreement. The contract allows the Kotex brand to offer account educational content from Dot female child on its website, as excavation as link with little women by having its products conspicuous in the Dot Girl's original Period Kit. Dot little girl will benefit from organism featured on the Special Offers page.

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Tampon Questions and Tips for New Users

The plug is one of the most handy emission products. If you are just getting used to having a period, the cognitive content of inserting a plug into your duct may be very intimidating. But tampons are a very fashionable way to manage your menstrual flow.

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Sanitary Products, Tampons, and Pads: Information for Girls

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