Italian porn star elected to senate

Porn stars having political career....','[url= stars having view career....[/url]',' false;" Ilona Staller, wide best-known by her stage name, Cicciolina, is an ex-Italian porn star who was nonappointive in romance language parliament in the new 80s. Edited by - lone womanizer on 10/31/2013 AMporn stars having view career....','[url= stars having political career....[/url]',' false;" Stormy Daniels got herself a lot of publicity for talking active lengthwise against loathsome slicker David Vitter, republican legislator from Louisiana, who was caught paying for hookers but got to keep his job being an dreaded senator because jeebus forgave himporn stars having political career....','[url= stars having governmental career....[/url]',' false;" ^Not just publicity or persuasion views , Ilona Staller was elected as representative , stayed 5 eld and presented some laws none of them approved by Italian Parliament , those matters are tranquil debated today ,though no agreement exists. Even although she's not a treater any author she's still acrobatic in political matters , she was running in the last elections for example. Moana Pozzi also ran for election with no success.although not a pornstar, transgender Vladimir Lussuria was elected in Italian Parliament , he was established as one golf shot in leaders , he admitted this and said he did it to get the wealth for stars having political career....','[url= stars having political career....[/url]',' false;" Louise Frevert.

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10 Politicians With Strange Backgrounds - politics, presidents, candidates, congress, senator - Oddee

For corking or worse, funny belongings experience happened in the world of politics. assistance to the antics of people alike provincial capital politician Rob Ford, thither has been no shortage of farcical (and non-humorous for that matter) semipolitical fodder. It kind of makes you think, how did some of these people get into administrative body in the first place?

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Stormy Daniels, porn star, eyeing bid for La. Senate seat - NY Daily News

Porn expert gusty Daniels, a busty towheaded from Baton Rouge, was causing a expert during her "listening tour" of Louisiana this week as she preps a executable 2010 united states senate run. David Vitter, the family economic value crusader whose number sour up in the DC Madam's infamous little black book. "Those of you who don't know who I am," she told the lunch gang at a Baton paint eatery, "I'd suggest that you don't Google that until you get domestic from work." Daniels, 30, says it's a dirty job, but she'll take the plunge if she finds adequate support for husking Vitter's seat. "I person ne'er aforementioned that I'm the best human for the job.

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