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Her name, a pseudonym, makes comment to her likeness to the north american nation actress Julia Roberts. Her career in sexy films began with the directors HPG, as fit as Fred Coppula and Marc Dorcel, and continuing for two years. It finished suddenly, for her to solon a line of work as an author.

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Some girls are fair successful for the spotlight, and whether they sing, dance, tell a joke, or do a charming trick, it all adds to their celebrity appeal. But there’s one characteristic that’ll launch any girl’s repute skywards as our flaccid cocks get launched into the far recesses of the Boner-verse: hot and horny sex appeal. This babe could’ve easily been a supermodel or leading actress. innate and raised in a diminutive French commune not too far from Paris, she was the well-nigh drop-dead beautiful piece of feminine nookie rubble the nation country had ever seen.

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French Pornstar : Nina Roberts, French Pornstar and Free Sex

Gets her soubriquet due to the resemblence she has with tone actress Julia Roberts. semitic deity author was intelligent in Villecresnes, France in 1979. Her obsession with sex led her to reply to a gnomish ad in a newspaper which started her creation career in 2003.

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