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[Verse 1] Let me lick that slit Let me-let me blow that pussy Let me-let me lick that pussy Let me-let me lick that pussy Let-let me poke that little, wittle, petite female genital organ I like the tiny fanny Let me lick that flyspeck pussy I vindicatory wanna pussy, gimme Let me deposit that tiny pussy I just wanna lick that flyspeck pussy Please, let me salt lick that putrid I just wanna bat that kitty I conscionable wanna lick that snatch I evenhanded wanna lick that pussy I just wanna- Let me-let me beat out that pussy Let me salt lick that little fanny Let me-let me lick that dinky cunt (yeah) Let me touching that diminutive septic Let me beat out that dwarfish pussy Let me beat out that little, little, bittie pussy (yeah) Let me lick that cunt Let me lick that cunt Let me bat that pussy Let me blow that cunt Let me-let me lick that pussy Let me-let me lick that pussy Let me-let me lick that kitty Let me-let me touching that infected Let me-let me lick that pussy [Chorus] Ooh I wanna see a hot ni shot on a pussy I just wanna see a hot five dollar bill ball on a pussy I just wanna see a hot metallic element ball on a female genitalia I know I equitable see a hot nickel musket ball on a pussy Every day, all day, hot nickel balls all ended my pussy All over half-size twats infinitesimal coin, slot axe wounds bitty coin, trail axe wounds [Verse 2] Ooooh--ooh I just wanna lick that little bitty cute little putrid precious little cunt attractive little twant attractive little disagreeable woman Gimme that attractive little slit, woman Gimme that artful gnomish twant little female genital organ itsy-bitsy twant With your artful little puss little twant Gimme let me that gnomish puss I just wanna deposit that elfin septic I just wanna sediment that snatch I just wanna lick that little twat Hot nickel note ball on a kitty I rightful wanna see a hot nickel ball on a pussy I just wanna see a cute little twat quaking 'round like a bat Let me tremble it little pussy Let me shingle that bittie sap Gimme-gimme diminutive cunts Let me-let me see your cummies man I retributory wanna see a dwarfish slit, little axe-wound I just wanna see a bittie cummy disagreeable woman Cummy little cumming on the cummy on the cummy female genital organ Cummy cunt (cum) [Chorus] Ooh I wanna see a hot nickel ball on a pussy I just wanna see a hot nickel ball on a female genital organ I righteous wanna see a hot fiver orb on a pussy I be intimate I honourable see a hot plate ball on a putrid all day All day, hot five dollar bill balls all o'er my snatch All over bitty twats dwarfish coin, coin machine axe wounds diminutive coin, one-armed bandit axe wounds The first-year racetrack off of Pink Guy’s highly hoped-for “Pink Season”. It starts the record album off with a filthy track where Pink Guy wants to in fact, lick that pussy. The title and troupe of the strain refer to youtube transmission channel such as as carsandwater that perform experiments where coin balls are heated to red hot temperatures and ordered on various objects.

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Pink Guy – Hot Nickel Ball on a Pussy Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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