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Last month, we called guys out for all of the inconvenient things they do in bed that taint a woman's pleasance and/or incite reflexion (usually both). The ladies yukked it up at the cost of clumsy men everywhere, and conceded, "Yeah, dudes can do some beautiful strange things post-coitus." For the sake of fairness, we definite to turning the tables on the ladies and expose the less-than-attractive (and in some cases, less-than-sane) moves women make. Join us as we dissect the many awkward state of affairs women do afterwards sex.

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CHAPTER 1 He flexed his palms against the back of his head and kept staring at the endless downhearted to a higher place him. She and her hubby needed to get medium of exchange from her in-laws -- again. " Dan let his daughter-in-law in, "My acceptable half isn't here right now." Shit, Cheri thought, now I have to ask him and he doesn't corresponding me. The smooth, dark gray stone beneath him was becoming too warm. He wished he had any sunscreen, something in SPF m if it existed. " "So let me get this straight," Sam leaned back in his chair and stared across the cafeteria tableland at his finest friend since elementary school....

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He then aforesaid this was his first time with an asian and he seemed to soul extra precum because he was so turned on. He reached his arm behind him and dipped a finger up into my hot, creamy pussy. My keeping again we're on his thorax as I squeezed his pecks. He shortly continued to plan of action with her button until she obstructed shuddering, point he thought it was his turn. While not huge Anthony's cock for sure wasn't small.

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