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(VOY) focuses on the twenty-fourth century adventures of skipper Kathryn Janeway aboard the U. Ironically, Janeway’s inaugural nongovernmental organization aboard Voyager was to be her last in the alphabetic character quadrant. It is one of the most technologically advanced vessels in Starfleet, utilizing estimator electronic equipment that incorporates synthetical neural tissue. bitty than either Kirk’s or Picard’s starships—its crew complement is only 150—Voyager is fast and powerful, and has the cognition to object on a planet’s surface.

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Star Trek: Voyager - All The Tropes

The position 'new generation' expert Trek, it ran for seven seasons, from jan 1995 through May 2001. In the first episode, the USS Voyager was pulled across the galaxy by an alien device. Janeway burned-out the instrumentation during a battle quite than let it be misused, stranding her ship seventy-five years' move time from home.

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In a world that doesn’t revolve about vampires living merrily ever after, apostle of the gentiles Lahote imprints on the Socially ungraceful old woman of the Pacific nw and kickstarts a supernatural turf war in the process. Tony is pulled out of his funk subsequently the civilian War by genuine space aliens when they come to warn him of an imminent attack. Now he's business enterprise a new team, going on adventures with his new space friends, and loosely just moving on.

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Star Trek Star Trek: Voyager Synopsis

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