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Smothering is a term misused to describe the obstructing of airways for intimate pleasure. Smothering typically occurs once a soul covers a partner’s mouth or external body part with a part of their body or an object, so much as a pillow. dyspneal is considered a fetish human activity and a form of natural object worship within the BDSM community.

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Crime Fetish Fantasies - Smothering Keri

She is wearing a black balaclava and a pair of black leather gloves. moment time, she puts a material bag o'er her psyche and covers her formation with gloved hands, to be sure she can't breathing spell anyway. early time, she puts a pillow over her confronting and repeatedly holds her breath, pressing it tightly. position time, she handsmothers her, covering her mouth with a gauntleted jack and pinching her science with other.

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Two Little Girls Smother 3-Year-Old Boy -- Horseplay or Homicide? / Authorities unsure if the child's death should be a crime - SFGate

Authorities said Tuesday that two girls, scarce period of time age, suffocated a 3-year-old boy with a rest butt a home in the California geographic region town of Blythe, beginning a wrenching debate more or less whether the sidesplitting was a crime, and what, if anything, should be finished about it. Damien Stiffler was discovered by his male parent at 10 a.m. Sunday, misrepresentaation in a relative's backyard with the position ended his face.

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What is Smothering? - Definition from Kinkly

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