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Photo via: Jeffrey Sanker It is time for a history lesson, but the issue is party... This bypast period of time was the Winter function in Miami and White Party-Palm Springs will be celebrating their 25th day of remembrance April 25-28th. far now, in that location is a lot of be on Facebook and chirp some these parties. All the posts and tweets ready-made me wonder: How did all of these gay dance parties start?

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A History of the Gay Circuit Party: VIDEO - Towleroad

Torrealba examining the controversies and the spirit of the journey party, with photographic film from the White function (Palm Springs), the GMHC Morning social gathering (Fire Island), and Black & Blue (Montreal), and commentary from those for the parties, and opposed to them. (via kenneth) Got 2B There: A History of the Circuit Parties from Jose Manuel Torrealba on Vimeo.

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Top 10: The Best Gay Dance Parties of All Time | HuffPost

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