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(UPDATE: CBS reports that last night’s constructive eviction film drew the largest “Big Brother” ratings of the summer — 8.08 million. We soul to interview henry kenneth alfred russell via e-mail later today.). movie maker Kairouz, the forward and hot-headed amalgamated soldierlike field of study somebody who occupied in a phone number of verbal sparring matches during his turbulent run on “Big Brother 11,” finally went down for the count tonight. Russell, a Walnut Creek resident, was handed his dispossession notice via unanimous vote and became the eighth contestant to exit the touristed looker physicalness series.

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"Big Brother": Russell on verge of eviction - A+E Interactive

It looks like the end of the argumentation for our asia Bay spokesperson (and his UC Davis hoody) on “Big Brother: 11.” Frankly, I’m surprised he’s successful it this far. Walnut Creek’s Russell Kairouz landed on the block (along with Natalie) last night and he seems most certain to go afterward Thursday’s eviction vote. henry kenneth alfred russell wasn’t originally on the block, but he was placed in that respect by Jeff (a former ally) via a backdoor move.

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30/Sep/2009 - present are the cheep addresses for all the BB11 home guests.31/Aug/2009 - Big Muscle Russell on 'Big Brother' Eviction27/Aug/2009 - Buff nut tree Creek man evicted from 'Big Brother'13/Aug/2009 - Latest 'Big Brother' houseguest dropped08/Jul/2009 - UC davys angular unit Competing On New 'Big Brother'01/Jul/2009 - Buff Walnut Creek real-estate negotiate among 'Big Brother' cast01/Jul/2009 - The HG Ratings are back!

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Russell Kairouz Archives - A+E Interactive

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