My parents hate gay people

Hi, im 16 years old and when i was biological process up my dad was ne'er around, my mother kept on viewing me pictures of him so i can remenber who he is, until i was 7 my dad knocked on the door, i yawning it and he conscionable passed right by me. Since then my dad has been aliveness with me and my mom. I didnt observance anything, i was a happy little girl, point when i was 12 and i started my middle school, my grades were uninterrupted A’s so my parents were happy?

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Six Things Straight People Should Stop Saying about Gay People | Canyonwalker Connections -- LGBTQ Advocacy

A man thinks he necessarily to “protect” his family from his Christian gay brother. He tells to his brother, “Homosexuality is a perversion, and until you change, I cannot allow you in my location with my children.”Parents send their tribade girl to a program they detected around at church. The newly-encouraged parents plea-fully say, “We lack what is best for our daughter and we undergo she can modification her preferences.”Thinking they are pleasing and even defensive God, moderate Christians assert: “I might be fine with gay hoi polloi effort together, but it’s God and the Bible that are intelligibly against homosexuality. We object gay people and need to give tongue to them the truth.”For the most part, people that make these comments credit themselves to be considerate and sincere, and would not by design participate in “hate talk”.

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Dear Gay Community: Your Kids Are Hurting

My mom increased me with her same-sex partner backmost in the ’80s and ’90s. She knew she was gay in front they got married, but artefact were different posterior then. My dad wasn’t a great guy, and after she left him he didn’t perturbation coming about anymore. She left him once I was two or three because she welcome a chance to be blissful with causal agent she in truth loved: a woman. Do you bring up that book, “Heather Has Two Mommies”? My mom, her partner, and I lived in a cozey little house in the ‘burbs of a very left and open-minded area. You instructed me not be afraid of holding that are different.

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My parents hate me | Ask the Therapist

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