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(the call for is here) to end “female reproductive organ mutilation” (FGM) in the UK—see Dominic Wilkinson’s modern analysis on this blog. I influence this political campaign and I think that FGM is impermissible. Indeed, I think that all children, whether female, intersex, or male, should be protected from having parts of their genitals distant unless thither is a pressing scrutiny indication; I weighing this is so heedless of the cultural or interfaith affiliations of the child’s parents; and I mortal given some arguments for this view here, here, here, here, and here.

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Brain Damage from Circumcision

ABSTRACT: The development of religious rite may advisable set up a range of pious and sign functions. In addition to these conceptual categories, we reason that circumcision alsoserves a statesman mundane, practical function of lowering emotionality and distractibility quotients--sexual arousal--of pubescent males, i.e. biasing formative males toward inflated tractableness which would enhance group efforts and less toward idiosyncratic goals of amatory exchanges.

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Everything you wanted to know about circumcision but were too embarrassed to ask - Very Good Light

News flash: All guys were given birth from the womb with an uncircumcised penis. So yes, if you were wondering, we all came into this world with a turtleneck intact. Or equal the above, a snuggly mantled pig in a blanket.

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FGM and male circumcision: should there be a separate ethical discourse? | Practical Ethics

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