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The clitoris is the ultimate choice organ of any woman! And flat if it just looks like a tiny pea or smaller, it is jam-packed with muscular nervus endings that multiplies sensual ambience of pleasure. Therefore, unless the erectile organ is damaged or bruised or over-worked, a native female would react with intemperate pleasure to soul lacing her clit! The human language is the record-breaking stimuli that the clit can of all time have. It has the rightmost softness, lubricant (saliva) and just the right strength for the clit.

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What's it like to fuck a MTF vagina?

So your post is either ignorance or deceitful propaganda. lol.lubrication, no hon, there is no such as affair with ready-made up vaginas. There assemblage treats it as wound and tries to close the gap so the M2F will demand to try treatment or it will close. Male/female bodies come with the cookie-cutter parts and the same mechanisms. Technical question: is anything in there still betrothed to the prostate? If the ductless gland isn't putting flowing into the neovagina and then there's no self-lubrication. And as a post horse said above, the muscle walls on a echt vagina not just respond to penetration, but are built to birth. You vindicatory can't have children.[quote][R4] is completely lying. So I've wondered since what it would be similar to nooky an real fully post-op MTF vadge. The body official document as if a MTF "vagina" is an open wound and it requires daily dilation to halt it from attempting to heal itself. In fact, every day for the rest of a MTF's life, they intention likewise have to unnaturally be it just to preclude infection. It's an extremely complex arrangement with myriad nervous system connections other component part of the distaff anatomy, including every bit gordian reproductive organs.

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Women feelings when licking clit

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