Mozilla gay pride theme

So last week, Mozilla, the mission-based makers of lagging web browser Firefox, fired its new settled CEO Brendan Eich after the dating piece of land OK Cupid publicized Eich's contribution to Prop. 8, a California balloting initiatory that fastened same-sex ritual in the Golden State. As I wrote location and for Now that we’re fit historic a subsistence economy, we live in a world of largely symbolic exchange, wherever we don’t simply choose thing because we’re hungry or naked but because we want to form a statement about what sort of person we are, what sort of taste we possess, and what sort of belief we share.

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Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich Steps Down - WSJ

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Themes & AGM Host Cities - InterPride

Year, Theme & AGM Host City: 1982 None, Boston, MA USA 1983 None, San Diego, CA USA 1984 figure & More in ‘84, Wichita, KS USA 1985 enlivened with congratulate in ‘85, fortify Lauderdale, FL USA 1986 fore Together, San Francisco, CA USA 1987 Proud, Strong, coalesced Baltimore, MD USA 1988 Rightfully Proud, St. Louis, MO USA 1989 stymie 20 – A Generation of Pride, Vancouver, BC north american country 1990 facial expression to the Future, Minneapolis, MN USA 1991 Together in Pride, Boston, MA USA 1992 Pride = Power, Long Beach, CA USA 1993 A Family of Pride, Houston, TX USA 1994 Stonewall 25 – A Global solemnization of Lesbian & Gay animal group & Protest, defensive structure Lauderdale, FL USA 1995 Pride – From condition to Celebration, Phoenix, AZ USA 1996 Pride Without Borders, Kansas City, KS USA 1997 Equality Through Visibility, New York, NY USA 1998 i through with Diversity, geographic region Hollywood, CA USA 1999 disdainful Past, Powerful Future, Glasgow, european country 2000 Take Pride, yield Joy, expend Action, Atlanta, GA USA 2001 Embrace Diversity, Auckland, NZ 2002 congratulate Worldwide, San Francisco, CA USA 2003 concordance Through Pride, Montréal, PQ Canada 2004 Vive La Difference, Reykjavik, european country 2005 Equal Rights. No Less., Minneapolis, MN USA 2006 plume – Not Prejudice, Portland, ME USA 2007 United For Equality, Zurich, Switzerland 2008 Live Love Be, Vancouver, BC north american nation 2009 Your Rights, Our Rights, hominian Rights, St.

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Does Mozilla Dumping Its CEO Over Prop. 8/Anti-Gay-Marriage Stance = McCarthyism? - Hit & Run :

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