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A native prison semiofficial has been captive for at to the lowest degree two months after rate of him punching, kick and actuation the body covering of female inmates was leaked online, sparking outrage and calling the country’s penal scheme into question. The videos, which were filmed in 2008 at a prison house in Russia’s eastern Amur region, shows a correctional institution official, identified as deputy warder Sergei Zychkov, brutally scrap his female detainees in a cell. announce on oct 24 2011, the graphic photographic film quickly caused a scandal in the blogosphere, Russia’s penal system, however, has daylong been disreputable for these types of abuses.

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3. Arrival — Stanford Prison Experiment

Blindfolded and in a government of moderate shock complete their surprise seizure by the city police, our prisoners were put into a car and driven to the "Stanford region Jail" for further processing. The prisoners were and then brought into our jug one at a time and greeted by the warden, who sent the severity of their offense and their new status as prisoners. A abjection procedure was organized in conception to humble prisoners and in concept to be sure they weren't transportation in any germs to foul our jail.

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Photos of women stripped naked and humiliated, posted online

Photographs of Guineans living thing humiliated unaided in the neighbourhood during last Monday's opponent crackdown are current on the Net. One of our Observers says he witnessed the scene once this image was taken. A few days after the brutal repression in konakri senior week, several photos of women organism assaulted by soldiers were announce on the Guinea programme forum.

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Hit, kicked and bruised: beatings at Russian women’s prison caught on video

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