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Synopsis: married woman is in her 40s,married, healed presented, and to the full aware that she is attractive. Whilst not especially sexual,she is a bit of an exhibitionist. One day,she flaunts her especially excellent breasts at the wrong guy and pays the price big time!

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BDSM Library - Cannibal 4H

Synopsis: savage 4H or C4H as it has go to be known on the newsgroups chronicles the adventures of two adolescent people, Joey Geryon and his girlfriend Linda Sue and their adventures in raising anthropoid cattle. It contains violence, death, family tragedy, sex of all shades and stripes and grouping consumption people. If you have got the lean idea that you power be offended by the contents of this story, please read no further. If reading this story would in any way transgress the local laws, rules, regulations, morality or usage wherever you live go away. As the magistrate would say "caveat lector:" let the reader beware. in that respect are many separate more edifying stories to be found elsewhere, stories that would be more advantageous to your age and legitimate status.

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Links to spanking (and a few non-spanking) sites I like

This web errand boy is a sub-page of my erotic spanking stories site, Wintermute's Spanking Stories. The page started out as a small annotated listing of adult merry related blogs and web sites that I look at frequently. The phone number of wonderful spanking related blogs and web sites has full-grown now to the component wherever I can no long verbalise them all.

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BDSM Library - Sarah under Control

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