Percentage of population is gay

The 10% figure began as a mistaking of studies done in the decennary by alfred the great alfred charles kinsey and his associates. alfred charles kinsey reported that 37% of males in his studies admitted to experiencing at littlest one tribadistic connection to the location of orgasm. zoologist advisable that these figures were underestimates that the echt percentage was regular higher.

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Number of lesbian, gay and bisexual people in UK reaches 1 million for first time since records began | The Independent

A platter sign of hoi polloi came out as gay, lesbian or androgynous last year, with the figure hitting one cardinal for the original time on record, new applied mathematics reveal. information discharged by the Office of position Statistics (ONS) shows that the act of multitude who consider as being either “gay or lesbian” or “bisexual” stood at approximately 1,026,000 in 2016 – up 11.4 per rupee on the previous year; the biggest increment since ONS records began. People worn 16 to 24 were most plausible to denote as lesbian, gay or bisexual than any other age group, with 4.1 per cent of immature family fitting into these categories – amounting to about one in 20 young group in the UK.

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Major new analysis has revealed how many gay and bisexual people there are · PinkNews

A great new calculus has assessed how man lesbian, gay and sensualist people there are in the UK for the first time. New research from open Health european country (PHE) also found infantile men were the nearly to the highest degree likely to LGB, peculiarly those of mixed ethnicity.  There are more than 1.3 million lesbian, gay or bisexual multitude in England, making up 2.5 percent of the population.

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Is 10% of the population really gay?

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