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Window.__INITIAL_STATE__={"trending":,"content":,"topic":,"sectional Content":,"density":,"loader":,"detail":{"short":{"id":"1.2443936","type":"story","source":"","corrections":[],"clarifications":[],"headline":"Toy commerce mines the disagreement between boys and girls ","shareheadline":"Goldie Blox vs. 'princess culture' : Can a toy win the arguing against girliness? ","originalheadline":"Toy merchandising mines the water parting betwixt boys and girls ","deck":"Goldie Blox disappoints some critics in attempting to circuit the gap ","summary":"Many parents at this instance of year are stricken by the hard discrimination in the way toys for girls are marketed otherwise from toys for boys.

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Do Girls Really Prefer Dolls? The Science Behind Gender Preference In Toys

A casual walk down the aisle in any toy fund reveals a gendered toy divide so intense, it would afford anyone with feminist beliefs a coronary: at that place are dolls, kitchen toys, and domestic appliances prepacked for girls, spell trucks, Lego, trains, engineering games, and "macho" toy soldiers are aimed at boys. Activists have got been fighting against the idea of gender-typed toys for decades — but scientists are increasingly wondering if gender differences in toy preference, at littlest among selfsame young kids, aren't rightful the upshot of socialization. Some new investigate has advisable that girls don't retributive pick up dolls because guild urges them to; girls may course elevate them.

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Toys for Kids 12 Years & Up -

By the clip they're in their early teens, they're young adults with a thirst for knowledge and adventure, and eclectic tastes in music, movies and cultural pastimes. knowledgeable on the dot how to hold them entertained, or conformation up with their constantly dynamic demands, is easy acknowledgement to our extended range of toys for kids cured 12 years and up. The kids necessity all the after-hours toys and electronics, and it seems like there's something new on the desire list all day.

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