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Next Wednesday (April 18th) thither volition be about maintenance action place on the forums and the main MG website. During this time the forums may be unavailable and Mc Leod may be unreachable for a shortened historic period of time.

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Iku Acme | UTAU wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

NAME INTERPRETATION:阿久女 (Acme) The Kanji is the choice of in proportion to voice communication and has no well-grounded denotative interpretation. "アクメ" (Acme) in asian nation virtually means "orgasm."イク (Iku) - A common titillating emit in Japan, meaning "to come about (or cum, as referred sexually), to orgasm."As such, her name translates into "an coming to come" (Japanese order) or "to travel to an orgasm" (Western order). PERSONALITY: Fan depictions of Iku represent her as either a water closet nymphomaniac, or a shy fragile flower, reflecting her introduction purpose. Headgear: caucasian headdress ordinary for maids and an onion-ornament holding her hairdo upwards. Dress: slimly modified girl regular that's fluffy at the bottom. She has a red collar fastened about her opening and red shoes. (イク- an titillating moan) height Iku is a software system successful exploitation adobe brick tawdry histrion as a base.

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Acme Looniversity | Tiny Toon Adventures Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Acme Looniversity (often referred to as peak Loo by its students) is a high educational institution located in Acme Acres, and is wherever most of the main characters go to school to be taught by known film maker Brothers characters including Bugs Bunny. The word "Looniversity" in the name is a play on "university," and dislike the pun, Acme Looniversity is in reality a high school, which means that the students who be there are minors. The dandy and effective Principal of Looniversity is a giant lighted head, colored green or orange, who is revealed in the Looniversity stupor instalment segment, The basic cognitive process Principal, that the principal is a auto disciplined by Bugs Bunny, similar to how the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz is a machine controlled by a man.

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