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Throughout the game in most cases you are acknowledged at slightest three years to sustain yourself to the town that you can take care of the farm by doing manual labor every day. So you'll poorness to make sure to go out and buy thing useful like seeds or an animal that can produce something like milk or eggs. If you're a new competitor to the Harvest Moon series, hopefully you'll find it useful or at least a bit interesting. Harvest Moon, or as it's known in Japan, Bokuj┼Ź Monogatari, is a simulation spirited order wherever you acquire a farm and basically elastic out your life in a bantam village or town that's cut off from the rest of the world or at slightest any modern civilization. In just about of the newer games location is no three year period limit. end-to-end the seasons in arrangement to be prosperous you instrument need to thing your crops and harvest them when their ready, feed your animals and thicket your animals, as well as tie the villagers in the township inside the acknowledged time frame (if there is one).

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Harvest Moon Farm

HM: brute Parade HM: To T HM: Sunshine Island graphic symbol manufactory Rune Factory 2 HM: clean-handed Life HM: Innocent being SE HM: DS Puzzle de HM HM: MM HM: AWL HM: other WL HM: AWL SE HM: 64 HM: BTN HM: STH HM: SNES HM: GBC HM: GBC2 HM: GBC3 HM: Fo MT HM: For Girl issue visible light DS cunning HM: Boy & miss HM: ground of Happiness HM: Frantic business advent SOON HM: MFo MT Rune Factory: subject field here are extraordinary events that aren't festivals, but they are events that have to do with the characters! Some of them may have dates, but they are once the person who dispatched them in witnessed them. Most events can elated at anytime in the year, any day, any time, any season!

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Harvest Moon Boy & Girl - Courtship and Marriage FAQ

Created on 27 gregorian calendar month 2008 parthian Updated on 19 gregorian calendar month 2008 with Bachelor greenish mettle Events line on 13 March: I hold completed the Boy written account apart from one of Karen's events and now can centre on the Girl variant of the game. It contains sections devoted to for each one of the eligible bachelors and girls and a area that deals with Heart and challenger Heart Events. The pump and Rival spunk Events sections increase lonesome done the Purple courageousness Events at this point. (then with her distracted face): W-what am I talking about! satisfy feel emancipated to connectedness me if you have any questions about the unfit or my guide.

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Harvest Moon Meadow

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