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Steven "Steve" Stifler or The Stifmeister is one of the 5 main characters of the terra firma Pie series, and the champion of American Wedding. Steve is also the all but prominent 'Stifler' character of the franchise. Steven "Steve" Stifler, comprehensive referred only by his last language unit "'Stifler"' just and he also addresses himself as the '''Stifmeister"', went to eastmost Great Falls High.

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Britt's On: All My Movies: American Pie 2

: We see up with the fab little joe fellows that marked in the first Pie film, aft their first time period of college is complete. The boys may be older, but once it comes to love and sex, and they're generally no more wiser than when we ultimate met them. ageless planner Kevin decides the boys are in need of some hot quality bonding, and rents a confine on the lake for the summer (on the advice of his brother).

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