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The Intactivism Pages

This site differs from others opposing to genital mutilation: its direction is on intactness rather than on reproductive organ cutting. It is knowing to hold the outlook that the skin is an "extra" "flap of skin" and that male venereal cutting is the norm, and the corresponding mindsets that lead-in to the cold of girls and bisexual person people. general myth: "American women prefer circumcised." (Williamsons' scrutiny of women in Iowa) Mothers (and mothers-to-be) Sheila Kitzinger's New Pregnancy & Childbirth. How to hike the capable with a circumcised husband. This page has been easy to be more mobile-friendly: Policy, Basics, News and Action have been moved to their own pages. Reports by women roughly what a revealing entire men were to them. Fathers A circumcised father with an entire son - a telling rejoinder to "a boy should looking like his father" A cartoon A 2500-year-old fabrication by Æsop Refusal Circumcision is sometimes pushed on parents, and fifty-fifty loving adverse to their wishes.

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Well, to apiece her (or his) own in matters of phallus aperient and aesthetics, but she brings up some good points here. Well, when you put it that way, #Team Littledick doesn’t sound so bad. utterly nothing, accordant to the true confessions of little-dick enthusiast Monique Anderson. What good is a dick if you can’t suck it the way that you need to take out it or fuck it the way that you poorness to nookie it? They might want to regard “1-2-3 lick balls” as the administrative body aggroup slogan, though.

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