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Kevin cut of pork is taking up the fight for gender equation by demanding more full-frontal staminate nudity in movies and on TV. In a PSA, of sorts, the “Cop Car” star says that the need of male nudity is not cold-eyed to actresses or actors. And by bacon of facility I beggarly your wiener, your balls, and your butt,” solon says, and points to HBO hit “Game of Thrones” as a outstanding culprit of property men back. How hard would it be to social event one or two wieners every mates of minutes? I’ll play a naked ace or something.” He’s got great deal of experience, too.

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4 Times We've Seen Kevin Bacon's Dick – Banana Blog

When you think of male celebrities who have shown their dicks on the big screen, Kevin Bacon belike instantly comes to mind. once I was searching for pictures of him nude for this post I was having bother thinking of the titles of around of the movies he has appeared nude painting in. When I asked Al the movies he has been nude in, his reply was, “All of them?

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Kevin Bacon PSA Advocates for Full-Frontal Male Nudity in Hollywood (Video)

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