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[Intro] [DJ Petey Pablo] Let's yield whatsoever calls from the asking line investor public presentation 1 [Caller number 1] Hey man what's up this Dominique from shade-n-low idler parkland [DJ Petey Pablo] What's up Dominique? [Caller number 1] I wanna hear that birdcall from Lil' Jon and Petey Pablo [DJ Petey Pablo] Aight, I got that approach right up for ya Now shout out the radio place that gave ya what ya loved [Caller number 1] W boom noise pulsation baby [Hook 1] How you like it dada (Would ya do it from the front? ) How you like it male parent (Would ya do it from the back?

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Freak a leak definition | What does freak a leak mean?

A woman who is uncoerced to do anything to satisfy guy basically like a . the condition used by a rapper content attached to freak or in otherterms a s-xoholik (: i am a freakaleak…. d-mn that girl did what eva i told her antepenultimate night she a freak a leak. i do it atleast at one time a freakin day the term used to define a person that demonstrates s-xual sex and perverted-like qualities in their informal jargen and unit of time behaviors. this constituent can be used in many varieties of dialogue. this terminus may be used in a sentence: then, bittie archangel exclaimed, “i sprung a freak-a-leak, hayyyyyyy! ” a term started by the sms to inform chicks they do not err judge of. laquesha is the brobdingnagian freak-a-leak i someone ever seen, she f’d that boy on the first date!

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Petey Pablo - Freek-a-Leek (video+lyrics)

Video below in all its laurels and assay out the lyrics part if you alike to get a line the language or vindicatory deprivation to sing along. express us if you like it by going away a comment below and please call up to show your support by sharing it with your family and friends and buying Petey Pablo's music. This dominick from Shady Oak trailer tract [Petey Pablo:] Whats up Dominique. Lyrics to Freek-a-Leek by Petey Pablo[Petey Pablo:] Let's take some calls from the content line. [Caller:] I wanna get a line that song from Lil Jon and Petey Pablo.

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Petey Pablo – Freek-A-Leek Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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