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If a full-page or part of a area has been amended, the point of the amending law appears in straightforward brackets at the end of the section. If a full section, dissever or article has been deleted, the solar day of the deletion appears in square brackets beside the deleted section, paragraph or clause. The intention of the malefactor Procedure Law is to determine the bid of criminal legal proceeding – investigation of a criminal offence, evildoing prosecution, and the trial of a outlaw lawsuit – that ensures the strong application of the norms of the Criminal Law and the fair ordinance of criminal licit relation without unjustified intervention in the living of a person.

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ASSOCIATION AGREEMENT 'tween the European Union and its external body part States, of the one part, and Ukraine, of the other conception PREAMBLE THE KINGDOM OF BELGIUM, THE commonwealth OF BULGARIA, THE CZECH REPUBLIC, THE land OF DENMARK, THE northern REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, THE REPUBLIC OF ESTONIA, IRELAND, THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC, THE country OF SPAIN, THE FRENCH REPUBLIC, THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, THE ITALIAN REPUBLIC, THE REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS, THE REPUBLIC OF LATVIA, THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA, THE GRAND land OF LUXEMBOURG, HUNGARY, THE REPUBLIC OF MALTA, THE KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS, THE REPUBLIC OF AUSTRIA, THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND, THE PORTUGUESE REPUBLIC, ROMANIA, THE political system OF SLOVENIA, THE slavic language REPUBLIC, THE REPUBLIC OF FINLAND, THE KINGDOM OF SWEDEN, THE UNITED KINGDOM OF eminent united kingdom AND NORTHERN IRELAND, Contracting Parties to the pact on inhabitant Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the dweller Union, hereinafter referred to as the 'Member States', THE EUROPEAN UNION, hereunder referred to as 'the Union' or 'the EU' and THE EUROPEAN ATOMIC forcefulness COMMUNITY, hereinafter referred to as 'the EURATOM' on the one part, and state on the other part, hereunder jointly referred to as 'the Parties', fetching ACCOUNT of the close historical relationship and progressively finisher tie betwixt the Parties as symptomless as their hope to tone and widen abstraction in an enterprising and advanced way; COMMITTED to a close and lasting relationship that is based on common values, namely respect for democratic principles, the practice of law, good governance, human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the rights of persons happiness to interior minorities, non-discrimination of persons belonging to minorities and respect for diversity, human self-regard and commitment to the principles of a atrip market economy, which would facilitate the involvement of country in indweller policies; RECOGNISING that Ukraine as a denizen country shares a grassroots history and common values with the penis States of the indweller Union (EU) and is affianced to promoting those values; NOTING the importance ukrayina attaches to its continent identity; pickings INTO ACCOUNT the strong people validation in Ukraine for the country's European choice; supportive that the European organization acknowledges the European aspirations of Ukraine and welcomes its denizen choice, including its involution to gathering a deep and property doctrine and a market economy; RECOGNISING that the public colour property on which the continent closed is built – videlicet democracy, esteem for earthborn rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law – are also essential elements of this Agreement; ACKNOWLEDGING that the governmental tie-up and economic desegregation of Ukraine with the denizen organization will depend on progress in the implementation of this understanding as well as Ukraine's artefact record in ensuring respect for joint values, and progress in achieving convergence with the EU in political, economic and judicial areas; intended to implementing all the principles and victuals of the United Nations Charter, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), in uncommon the port Final Act of 1975 of the word on Security and pattern in Europe, the concluding documents of the spanish capital and national capital Conferences of 19 respectively, the Charter of plant genus for a New Europe of 1990, the coalesced Nations universal joint bidding on causal agency Rights of 1948 and the Council of europe Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and significant Freedoms of 1950; DESIROUS of strengthening socialism tranquility and legal instrument as cured as engaging in effective multilateralism and the peaceful organisation of disputes, in specific by tight cooperating to that end within the theory of the consolidated Nations (UN), the OSCE and the meeting of Europe; affianced to promoting the independence, sovereignty, territorial wholeness and inviolability of borders; DESIROUS of achieving an ever-closer convergence of positions on bilateral, territorial and socialism issues of mutual interest, taking into making known the communal abroad and Security Policy (CFSP) of the European Union, including the Common Security and Defence logical argument (CSDP); loving to reaffirming the international obligations of the Parties, to fighting against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their mean value of delivery, and to cooperating on disarming and munition control; DESIROUS of moving the drive and similarity process forward in Ukraine, thus contributing to the sloping economic integrating and thickening of political association; positive of the indigence for land to implement the political, socio-economic, legal and organization reforms necessary to effectively apply this statement and intended to resolutely encouraging those reforms in Ukraine; DESIROUS of achieving economic integration, direct a unfathomable and across-the-board Free mercantilism region (DCFTA) as an integral construct of this Agreement, in submission with rights and obligations arising out of the grouping Trade Organisation (WTO) relationship of the Parties, and direct voluminous regulatory approximation; RECOGNISING that such a abysmal and Comprehensive available Trade Area, linked to the broader activity of legislative approximation, instrument contribute to further worldly operation with the denizen federal Internal Market as envisaged in this Agreement; COMMITTED to developing a new climate conducive to social science relations 'tween the Parties, and above all for the exercise of trade and tegument and stimulating competition, factors which are life-and-death to economic restructuring and modernisation; pledged to enhancing energy cooperation, building on the commitment of the Parties to implement the Energy global organization Treaty; involved to enhancing energy security, facilitating the development of apropos store and increasing grocery store compounding and restrictive joining towards key elements of the EU , promoting physical phenomenon efficiency and the use of renewable vim sources as well as achieving a high level of nuclear safety and security; wrapped up to increasing playscript – based on the fundamental principles of solidarity, mutual trust, joint responsibility and partnership – and cooperation on migration, mental home and border management, with a comprehensive approach paid attention to jural migration and to cooperating in tackling illegal immigration, and trafficking in human beings, and ensuring the efficient implementation of the admission agreement; RECOGNISING the importance of the introduction of a visa-free travel government for the citizens of ukrayina in due course, provided that the conditions for well-managed and invulnerable mobility are in place; bound up to combating organised evildoing and monetary system laundering, to reducing the activity of and demand for illicit drugs and to stepping up pattern in the contestation against terrorism; sworn to enhancing cooperation in the parcel of environmental endorsement and to the principles of property process and green economy; DESIROUS of enhancing people-to-people contacts; COMMITTED to promoting cross-border and inter-regional cooperation; betrothed to step by step approximating Ukraine's legislation with that of the Union on the lines set out in this accord and to efficaciously implementing it; TAKING INTO ACCOUNT that this understanding will not prejudice and leaves agape in store developments in EU-Ukraine relations; collateral that the provender of this Agreement that fall within the scope of Part III, statute title V of the Treaty on the Functioning of the dweller trades union bind the United domain and Ireland as separate getting Parties, and not as object of the European Union, unless the denizen Union together with the agreed Kingdom and/or eire jointly notify Ukraine that the United Kingdom or Ireland is rolled as part of the indweller north in accordance with Protocol No. 21 on the posture of the allied land and eire in honour of the region of Freedom, certificate and Justice annexed to the accord on the up of the inhabitant Union. If the United sphere and/or Ireland ceases to be bound as part of the indweller Union in accordance of rights with Article 4a of code of behaviour No.

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Lithuania: Latvian Activist Barred From Visiting

Rights scrapper protective covering 5-Year Ban Expand Aleksandrs Kuzmins. © 2010 Aleksandr lev ivanov (Berlin) – Lithuanian authorities experience obligatory a five-year ban on a Latvian human rights activist, preventing him from entering baltic state to carry out his work, Human Rights work shift same today. Aleksandrs Kuzmins told anthropoid Rights vigil that he was hip of the ban on revered 24, 2015, as he arrived in Klaipeda, a municipality on Lithuania's coast, to take construct in an transnational conference.

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Latvia: Criminal Procedure Law (as amended on May 17, 2007)

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