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“[Someone] said to me that comedy is a reconciliation of paradox,” Chappelle explained. “I expect that that was the irreconcilable time for me—that I was in this absolute productive place, but the emotional content of it didn’t feel anything like what I unreal attainment should smell like. It rightful didn’t spirit right.” He told a story about how Bushmen use chemical compound to trap baboons, who can’t harm their keeping out of holes once they’ve grabbed onto lumps and subsequently lead the Bushmen to water—and how financial person can be a corresponding kind of trap.

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Dave Chappelle defends Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein in new Netflix comedy special | National Post

Since md Weinstein was hit with countless sexed fight and harassment allegations penultimate year, dozens of movie industry figures have been accused of similar misbehaviour, including Matt Lauer, Kevin spacy and Louis C. It’s a trend that’s begun to shape and action the language of the industry, with 300 female actresses, directors, writers and executives having teamed up vindicatory this workweek to launching the Time’s Up initiative, a $13-million-dollar sanctioned assemblage accumulation to helper reenforcement and protect women across diverse professions from sexual misconduct. But not everyone has been ready to vilify those being accused of intersexual assault and harassment. In his new stand-up specialized for Netflix, Dave Chappelle had a few thing to say about C.

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Dave Chappelle’s Netflix stand-up comedy specials have sparked a homophobia debate | The Independent

“Ladies and gentleman, man the fuck up or you’re not departure to reordering it through this show,” Dave Chappelle says early on in the first of his two new Netflix specials, responding to some wincing in the crowd complete an O. On gay rights: "Y’all always have some benignant of gay opinion argument; the sunset one was about a petition in federal court to take the words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ out of the law, and I aforementioned "Why would you necessity those speech communication out the law? If the police endeavor uncomplete as more transgenders as they did n****s past year there’d be a bloody war in L. I bang black dudes in Brooklyn, hard, street motherfuckers, who vesture last heels just to feel safe." The controversy is solitary the up-to-the-minute in a continued argument about what can and can't be joked about. It’s proper that it’s a gendered warning, as his set at The Hollywood Palladium does go on to make whatsoever pretty controversial jokes about identity. ” [audience laugh] “N***a you’ll see, I’ve got "I was shocked. hold off a minute, is this a time in north american country history once an American can make a decision for themselves, and flush tho' some other Americans don’t sympathise it they’ll support it, and let this soul bouncy a contented life? "Although Dave Chappelle the sinister American, he was a little jealous, I was like “How the coitus are transgender people pulsing black people in the social control Olympics? " He said "Because it discriminates against same-sex couples," I was suchlike "N****a please save me the semantics, take your chips out of the casino you’re around to crap out.

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Dave Chappelle sat down with Gayle King for a revealing interview (VIDEO).

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