Women bikini wrestling head scissors

Headscissors are some of the to the highest degree often-used and efficient holds in women’s competitive mat wrestling. A Headscissor is an extremely efficient way to pull out a submission in competitive female wrestling (see unspecified of the DWW matches) and though it is used in professional matches too, it will seldom fruit a subject matter there, as much more dramatic holds are used as finishers there. A head cut can be applied from a variety of positions, however the most economic way is with the defender on her dorsum on the mat and the aggressor applying her scissors from the side.

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Girl-on-Girl Is Hot - TV Tropes

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Head Scissors Championship - Fem Wrestling Rooms

(Filmed 3/20/2015) Your humbled producer has seen Madison and Mindy refer extremely tight head scissors to extra girls so he distinct to pit them against for each one other in a head scissors grip agreement or knockouts championship. The girls are disposed the rules and forthwith go at it. james madison takes an early metal by trapping Mindy in the country for some belly pounding point gets the tall blond on the mat to wraps a tight side chief scissors on.

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