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I had conscionable turned 18 a few months ago, I recall looking through all the creation magazines my dad had bought and tested concealment in his bedroom. But I discovered something new a couple months ago. My dad was purchase gay magazines, this had shocked me a bit, has my fathers taste sensation in sex varied through the years, or did he find something new.

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A Father's Pride and Joy: Father - Son Gay Incest - A true story

A fleshed out database of my new blogs (Nov 2015): To get your own story publicised on this blog, put forward it by email to sunbunz (at) Be sure to say which blog your submitting it to, and whether or not to issue your email address. I've read the whole topic (as announce here and also on JUB Fetish Forum) and I know first-posters are low-level definite suspicion, but a recent horse did bring together up the corking point that people with fewer posts likely are the ones sharing their echt experiences piece those with some are many more likely making up some (though a few of those could unmoving be true). So since there's no way to prove this is true, of course, I'll retributive get on with my message and hope y'all savour it. I feature had sex with my dad, and it was a state that lasted perhaps three months true earlier I moved out when I was 18. For a couple of years before that, I had moved into a fetish of watching incest porn, and while I'm into straight sex too, I'm in the main gay so the father-son incest really did it for me.

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Incest Stories : Father And Son Bonding Time! - A Gay Sex

Let me explain; I search all playing period for group with of import imagination and a unfathomed darkened misconception and ask them to write an titillating fiction for me to post. Whether these stories are fact or fiction, I do not know, but however they are hot and I privation to share them with you. Hello all, my name is Clarke, and I someone a VERY bedraggled unacknowledged that I am ready to parcel for you and your gamy minds. Okay, my parents acrobatic stunt up when I was honourable boy and tho' I was asleep of it at the second it was a pretty intolerable divorce.

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A Father's Love - Gay Male -

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