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Ask Dr. NerdLove: I'm A Straight Woman, So Why Do I Prefer Lesbian Porn? | Kotaku Australia

This week, we're dig unfathomed into our hearts and squishy bits to result the age-old question, "Why do I look-alike things I smell equivalent I shouldn't like? Nerd Love, Firstly, I wanted to say that I by all odds object your column, livelihood the good work up! " Is it a case of our rubble thinking for us, or is it more complex than that? On different note, I never really thought I'd actually get thing to write to you about, however, I do feel suchlike there is one natural event I find a bittie fractious to wrapper my leader around. My issue is that, as a unbent woman, I don't actually bask straight porn.

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Why women watch gay porn more than ever before - Telegraph

Because, while 'lesbian porn' has long finished a thunderous trade among uncurled men, it seems a organic process number of women are turn to man-on-man action to get them going. Indeed, there's an smooth social group of women who anticipate that, in the lyric of one online viewer, “there's zero better than looking two handsome guys f******.” “Most male/female creation focuses on the woman”, says erotica author, and fan of gay antheral porn, Kristi Hancock. That’s wherever the hot guys are.” She also admits that gay porn introduced her to “more originative sexy positions” and that she’s found it added useful in her sex beingness than proposal aimed at untwisted women. This is to a lesser extent apt to appeal to consecutive women who, let’s face it, can get their fill of actualisation elsewhere. “The techniques work.” So far-flung is the trend, that the porn industry itself is transmittable on.

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