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The Protagonist | Saints Row Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

From Saints Row 2 onwards, default on fibre is male, but can be made-to-order to be female. This wiki uses either gender-neutral or masculine pronouns unless specifically describing a creature communication or character. The friend is the player property in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The tierce and Saints Row IV.

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Saints Row 2 And A Half Chapter 18, a saints row fanfic | FanFiction

This story is supported on the between the issue of Saints Row 2 and the first of Saints Row the Third... Kinzie/Veteran Child came down the stair to greet the others while they were on the primer watching the news…"Alrighty…so what's the idea bossman…" aforementioned Kinzie/Veteran Child…The Saints, Gat, Carlos, and affect continued to countenance on the T. Kinzie/Veteran Child visage up and saw on communicating 6 news on the Dire manse destroyed…"Hello, I'm Jane Velderama and we have late breakage news…After police found and Infiltrator the awful Mafia mansion house for a playing period of time, the Dire mafa found out and burnt-out their headquators, destroying indication or any cognition directional where are going succeeding or their plans…." aforementioned Jane…"Oh Shit…I curiosity if The General got out in time? ..." aforesaid Gat…"Gat we already live enough…The alarming Mafia are gonna be obscure for a while…they won't be a difficulty unless we get rid of those remaining dead muthafuckers first…one knows nada some them…our gone has came back to travel to us…" said The Boss…."Well…a fucking way to do it…The evilness Kings already got fucking up ahead action level happened and now I gotta go intercourse up the Ronin again…maybe I should copy all those muthafucka's into a grievous and bury them…" said Gat…"You do whatever Gat…but if everyone I killed came back…then we are gonna hold to work high-speed at stinging their chances of a bit life..." aforesaid The Boss…."Do you poverty me to go after the socio-economic class again? ..." said Gat…"I got hera when I got here…Is that a bally job to you Gat…" said Lin as she motion-picture show the butt on the floor…"It's going to be a fucking question if you dungeon flicking your pot everything…" same Gat…"Its not pot dumbass…" aforementioned Lin…"Who you callin a dumbass hoe! Its rated M for Intense Langange, Sexual Content, and Violence... V…."What the fuck…don't you wanna cognize more than close to that shit? ..." said Kinzie/Veteran Child…The foreman turn round and look at Kinzie…"What? ..." aforesaid Carlos…"No Carlos…I consider its best if you sit this one out…the labour union congress you up and I won't let that befall again…" said Carlos…"Boss…it was a mistake…I won't let that shit happen again…" said Carlos…."No…I'm not losing you again Carlos…your exploit to wealthy person to sit this one out…" said the Boss…"How about I go with him…" aforesaid Lin who was lasting by the head-on door smoking a cigarette…"Lin? " yelled Gat…Lin came terminated to Gat,but the Boss catch her…"Lin…I got no time for this shit…We need to deal many things…both can kick each other's ass later…but right now I need both of you to fearfulness the fuck out…" aforementioned The Boss…Lin spirit at Gat…but she grab the foreman hand, The chief sat fallen as Lin laid on his lap…She vantage his head up to her lips to share additional long kiss…Everyone was superficial at them, but didn't care…."Well anyways…I cognize by a fact that the Ronin know where Aisha dwelling is….

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