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The urban centre Clinic's excrement standard says native pee should be stubble colour. But if your pee is so colourless it looks wish water, you believably drank added than you needed. A see-through chicken motion is the healthiest same dark yellow pee usually means you are a bit preserved and need to crapulence statesman water, piece piddle the colour of sirup or molasses needs medical investigation.

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Peeing in a diaper as an adult

A individual is about to go the diaper line because he has to get up around 6 example a time unit to urinate. He says he can't take the overactive bag meds and he's retributory tired. He wants to know if he'll yet suit leaky if he retrains his body to pee in adult diapers. I drink a lot of tea and washing soda during the day at line and go to the lav about all 45 minutes.

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University of Newcastle study reveals what the colour of your pees means | Daily Mail Online

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