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There was a time period aboriginal in my sissy journey through and through pathologic process via Femdomination wherever I merely didn't understand chastity, in terms of how it was relevant to me. The examples one would see generally revolved about taming manful subbies and their testosterone fueled ugly impulses and behaviors, and I saw myself fine ancient those already simply direct my desires to serve and find a course that took me towards Femulation. But as Lady opera star and extra powerful Dommes began their long period noesis and celebrity learning of me, I began to believe how sissy celibacy was not only beneficial, but indispensable to reach higher and higher goals towards a Womanly utopia.

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How To Cage Your Man | Male Chastity Journal

If the view of locking your partner’s phallus into a little cage seems oddish to you, you aren’t alone. Most of the time, the man discovers manlike chastity and something close to it is very fascinating and exciting to him. It may seem odd that forcibly preventing erection and coming would be arousing, but to numerous of us it is. similar a lot on the Internet, on that point is far many more misinformation than fact.

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Male Chastity Journal

I wish I could say Lion slept better next-to-last night but that wasn’t the case. He probably shouldn’t mortal since carrying the tray full of food into the bedchamber was difficult for him. And once somebody doesn’t sleep well, I usually don’t either. He was in the process of descending the receptacle as he told me I was in the way “sprawled crosswise the bed”. My legs were obscurity near where he was header and I was halfway up to aid him with the tray once he said it.

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Devina Cox's World Of Femdomination: Feminizing Benefits of Long Term Chastity

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