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Jamming on the drums at three a.m., resonating their parents’ joints, being seduced by Mick Jagger–the children of 60s stuff stars grew up in a dynamical system combining of immunity and neglect, congratulate and shame. Now they’re making their own music, raising their own kids, and confronting the past. It’s hard not to feel good once wisecrack Taylor takes the stage.

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The Secrets And Scandals Of Cher

Cher is one of the most painting superstars in the world. From her rise to celebrity to her disreputable relationships which were spattered all across the press, the singer gained fame in 1965 and shows no signs of slowing down. Cher and Sonny had one small fry collectively in 1972, a daughter name Chastity.

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Chaz Bono opens about his mom Cher's support and why he's finally ready for his big break in acting - AOL Entertainment

After a series of cameos and client appearances on TV, the actor, who calls legendary pop representation Cher mom, became the original transgender man to play a male purpose in a attribute film. Filmed two years ago, "Dirty" in conclusion premiered at metropolis this year. Bono, who started pursuing acting professionally four age ago, has wanted to be an actor since he was a young juvenile person -- but he chose a antithetic path, becoming a psychological feature loudspeaker system and authoring respective books.

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Evgenia Peretz on Rock Stars' Kids | Vanity Fair

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