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Uses Auto-Tune to turn their school-girl screams into "manly" screams. *If anyone tells you that, smack the shit out of them. 90% of their fans are "hardcore scene kids", and hold no taste perception in music. For the Whales, and girls who don't need sexy advances from Oli Sykes, or the rest of Bring Me The Horizon. The another 10% are small, unintelligent fan girls who only listen to BMTH because jazz musician Sykes is "SHOOO HOTT!

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Bring Me The Horizon Attack Fan | Music News @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

This is not the first period of time Oli Sykes has been suspect of assault. In 2007, a female fan claimed that he urinated on her before throwing a bottle at her which she said resulted in a surface injury. These charges were dropped because of a miss of evidence.

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Urban Dictionary: oli sykes

Lead singer of Bring Me The Horizon, originating from Sheffield, England. Adored by 14-year-old girls mostly because of his aspect haircut. Owns dip at peace Clothing and used to be straight-edge until they met Oli's girlfriend's brother Neil Whitley, whose principal band "Scorched Flesh"'s lyrical content is primarily around feat drunk.

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Urban Dictionary: bring me the horizon

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