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(written by lawrence of arabia krubner, however indented passages are much quotes). You can contact lawrence at: [email protected] No True Scotsman misconception leads to arguments like this: someone A: “No scotsman ever steals.” Person B: “I know of a scot who stole.” Person A: “No True scot would e'er steal.” someone A is gum olibanum bastioned from the degrading effects of new information. New information is dangerous, as it power causal agent person to change their mind.

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Summer of Science - Video of the ‘Breathtaking Death’ That Is a Meteor Shower -

Wednesday night’s Perseid meteor shower offered a prominent light display. If you lost the show, weekday and Friday's should be likewise stellar. And piece you should feel aweigh to outcry them shooting stars, honourable think back that's not what they truly are.

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Object Oriented Programming is an expensive disaster which must end | Smash Company

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