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Seeing your images of the bugs on the Baccharis plants gave me great flashbacks to my grad-school twenty-four hours when I lived in Bog Springs Madera ravine for months to study the animate being of the Baccharis scrublands.

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Wasp, Hornet And Bee Species | Rentokil

There may be hundreds of species of wasps, hornets and bees found around the world. Only a few of these are seen as real pests here in the UK, and approximately of them do not sting. Some species, like the sweetener Bee, are in reality a worthy region of our ecosystem.

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A list of bees and wasps - The Washington Post

Description: Medium-size bee with a gold brown to darkening brown abdomen, prominently banded. herding and numerous, honeybees follow cycles of blossoms on trees, shrubs, perennials and herbs, as well as patches of field clover. Threat: Without direct physiological contact, the honeybee is a passive insect that stings as a last resort.

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Arizona Insects Photo Gallery by Victor Tackett at

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