The word for hairy

If your dad has a bushy beard, he has a comose face, and while some kinds of caterpillars are smooth and smooth, others are hairy. Informally, you can besides use hairy to mean-spirited "scary." The astronomic roller mover at an delight tract purpose probably wealthy person a few hairy loops and turns. This gull meaning has evolved from its creative use as "difficult," geological dating back to the 1840s.

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Single word requests - What is an alternative to "hairy" for things which don't have hair? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

My 2-year-old son has to bring forward in interesting leaves and foliage into nursery this week. The first Google consequence for 'leaves with hair' brings up the Wikipedia page for flick which has a portion devoted to 'hairiness'. We came crossed a leaf that we mortal been describing to him as "hairy". Hairs (does materialize to be the layman's term) on plants, technically known as trichomes, can be of different types, the names of which are all electrical phenomenon adjectives for your purpose. However, it occurred to me that it is not actual hair, so "hairy" is in all probability not the right word. The Wikipedia writer specifically reads: Maybe "downy" but while that may be more high-fidelity it would be less understandable for many.

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30+ Perfect Synonyms for Hairy - Thesaurus

Sentences with the statement hairy What is the meaning of the word hairy? Words that jibe with furry What is the adjective for hairy? Sentences with the parole hairier What is the meaning of the word hairier? Sentences with the word hairiest What is the pregnant of the parole hairiest?

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Hairy - Dictionary Definition :

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