Extraterrestrial human penetration question telepathy

Ingo Swann — renowned psi researcher — reveals a long-held secret contest of experiences with a “deep black” agency whose apparent charter was simple: UFOs and extraterrestrials on the moon and worries around ET telepathic/mind control powers. The action was so surreptitious that it had no written assignment trail, and hence no written secrecy agreements. sole the verbal ones, which in Ingo’s event expired different years ago.

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Penetration - The Question of Extraterrestrial & Human Telepathy - 1

At one component in the star program, a small, evil object, tall and cylindrical, appears to be jutting from the moon. As phoebus 8 orbited 70 miles above the lunar surface, with Earth in the background, . The meaning of the images had only recently been noticed.

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Alien Abduction - Hybrids on Earth - Hybrid Project and the New Race of Children

The Hybrid stick out The Hybrids and The New Race of Children By Hybrids Rising Extraterrestrials legendary as Alien-Human Hybrids are created through processes and procedures that happen during and after the movement of, and/or visits with, Humans by ETs and Advanced Intelligences. The HR social unit believes many, but not all, complex beings are a natural mathematical operation between Humans and what we believe to be Extraterrestrials and Advanced Intelligences; however, their conception is not limited to the combination of exclusively two species’ DNA. In added words, they most probable have more than two “parents.” The term to inform these types of new beings, and as you may have already read in our document titled unknown Agenda, the HR team up concurs with authors Hopkins’ and Rainey’s hypothesis.

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Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy – Crossroad Press

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