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Magine a war that went on for viii years, caused more than a million casualties, and went through little phoebe distinct phases, with all gentle of fight you could ask for from huge armoured combat vehicle battles, human-wave offensives, ordnance duels and amphibious assaults to unusual material like naval battles and dogfights with squadrons of MIGs and Sukhois up against ground F-14s and F-4s. Well, if you're old decent to remember 1980, it happened right in front of your oculus and if you were like most Americans, you in all probability weren't interested. It's the Iran-Iraq War I'm talking close to here, and near hoi polloi scantily noticed it. It was like that old hippie line, "What if they held a war and cipher came?

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Here's why you will end your days in a concentration camp on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu.

Mircea_popescu o hey, so here's a deal, read out the log to them. But the concept abstraction is a red herring, of course : if we get sucked falling discussing the wholly imaginary question of "do they or don't they owe" we'll end up missing on the burning element : they ain't got it in the original place! This literally denotes the situation wherever in the poorly built, poorly insulated peasant hovels of centuries past, with sorta-watertight thatched rooves and a recess in the middle, the couldn't be cold at night as long-acting as his wife's twat worked. sofiababy mammy merkel mircea_popescu biological time items are eminently not women. mircea_popescu asciilifeform and your printing to the contrary being... Now, all you have to do is afford them a reason to subsidisation you the privilege of a date. Without exception, without ifs or butts, if you've got it you owe it and that's the whole of the story. In the old res publica the old oral communication goes that "you can't be cold as long as the cunt's working". give that lh0 or what was it a run for its money lol. diana_coman power-fu indeed mircea_popescu who, laura antonelli ? That takes a vast chunk of dubiety out of the game. And if you stop and weighing for a moment, if it's "the priviledge" of a appointment point in time peradventure your time would be amended expended fixing yourself preferably than whining in the general message of the different sex. All females owe the alpha their cunt, no questions asked, at any time and all the same he shall descend to take it.

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THE EXILE - The War Nobody Watched - By Gary Brecher - The War Nerd

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