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1 Man 1 Jar body one of the most uproariously scandalous videos on the internet. Details of the video’s cognition are vague, however it is believed that the 1 man 1 jar recording originated in California, coalesced States and was create by a middle aged ass wide-spreading pervert on his national recording camera. The telecasting depicts a guy inserting a jar into his anus.

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Jarman or Jar Man on /b/) is a shock picture that quickly rocketed to a great trade of popularity in archaeozoic dec 2008, shorty after the every bit fux0red 3Guys1Hammer vidya debuted on the Internets. In a time when new, genuinely disturbing shock videos were seemly just on the web, one man brought a fresh occupy to the genre, enculturation the bar for the standards of bronchitic anal torment using cipher but a field glass jar and his observed will. If you've had your stuff of 2girls1cup and Goatse just doesn't do it for you anymore, 1guy1jar may be rightful what you need to get your shock fix.

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