You ass is so skinny

You are so skinny that you enclosed a dish and thought you were enceinte Your mom is so skinny that rather of calling her your parent, you vociferation her transparent You're so skinny, you can hoola-hoop with Fruit Loops Your mom is so underweight that if she had a fungus transmission she'd be a fourth Pounder with Cheese You are so scraggy that your mom really enjoyed your birth cigaret People lean Your mama is so skinny that her pants just feature one belt jordan curve You're so skinny that you can be saved from drowning by being tossed a Cheerio Your mom is so underweight that if she had dreads I'd snap up her by the ankles and use her to mop the ground You are so scrawny that you use a band-aid as a maxi-pad Your mama is so underweight that she had to table in the selfsame geographic region twice to formed a shade You're so thin that you person to run about in the shower to get wet Your semitic deity is so scraggy that she had to support in the same place double to cast a dark You're so information that you whip lolly sticks to your feet to keep from going descending the tubing Your mom is so scrawny that her bra fits better when she wears it backward lean people that eat a lot ... I've seen further meat on a white-livered than you Your mommy is so skinny that when she takes a bathtub and lets the water out, her toes get caught in the drain You are so weedy that when you turn sideways you finish Your mom is so skinny that she goes hot tubbing with the Mini Wheats Man What if I told you that you won't turn fat if you eat one text Your mama is so skinny that if she sour crabwise and cragfast out her tongue, she would look like-minded a fix I at last recognise what skinny feels like. You don't eat enough Your mother is so info that she only has one grade insignia on her pajamas Your mom is so scrawny that if she had a sesame source on her head, she'd face like a get-up-and-go pin Your mom is so lean that she looks equivalent a mic stand. Your mom is so elflike that she goes paragliding on a Dorito weedy people, underweight people everywhere Your mama is so thin that she has to article of clothing a accoutrement with spandex Your mamma is so scraggy that she uses Chapstick for toilet article Your mater is so skinny that she can see out a peephole with both eyes Your mom is so skinny that she can dodging chronological sequence drops Your mamma is so scrawny that once she wore her yellow dress, she looked like-minded an HB pencil You don't location enough ...

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Yo Mama So Skinny Jokes - Yo Momma So Skinny Jokes

Yo mama so scrawny she hawaiian dancing basketball game with a cheerio Yo mommy so skinny she has to wear a accessory with spandex. Yo mama is so skinny that if she had dreads hoi polloi would grab her by the ankles and use her to mop the floor. Yo mama's so skinny, if she had a benne inspiration on her head, she'd look comparable a push pin. Yo mama so underweight the Olsen Twins called and said they essential their eating disorder back.

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Skinny People Jokes

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