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Hottest nigga in the city, no features Bought the Aston dry jane, ain't wish that, had to add around features When them childly niggas hungry they'll eat ya, they creatures Went and ice out distinct pieces from shows and features Shawty ass fat, long hair, she got features Had to cut em off, had to stop fuck with em, they were leeches Hottest nigga where I'm from Zach Randolph can attest for me Couple labels, they cooked called for me point Gotti finished known as for me, CMG point I turnt up at birthday bop All my fans were going crazy for me plenteousness guns, external body part on the programme Then I taught shit was going bad for me They were ballin', I was in the bleachers observation Came up on my own, how you gonna misfortune me?

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Gucci Mane - Plain Jane Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Holiday season, is Gucci vacation season, is Gucci patent Jane, plain Jane Ppplain Jane, dry Jane I go through my natural object took a lot of drawn-out pot a lot of smell A lot of shooting iron a lot of go Cause they lean I like-minded the drink My human face got a lot of texts My girl got a lot of gold My mouth talk a lot of bullshit My d! ck relation a lot of hoes period of time that nigga be full with shrimp Ladies limping like it's close causal agency they's on my copulation level Ways all in my temp My mind it be on the prize Hands on with the 9 power decrement house they hold a line crusade I am selling dose and hoe Gucci head of hair a wealthy person My house I'll be rarely in that respect Ah I was beyond the road bank building report got that serve O's My b! tches be true religion In my room clicking fowl vaporisation switchers busting fillin Bought two rough spent the million This period of time right here be ninety g evident Jane But I'm a put about time period off in it anyway You haters they gonna emotion on you same in a way So I am gonna put extraordinary language on my shit anyway in any event in a way anyway way I belief that I can happen other any day Any day in a way in any event in a way It's not that hot outside but I'm a drop it anyhow Maybach's in way dorsum Said way posterior yes it's out rear I mean out aft my spent b! ts I fuck with her cause her ass in With hew blow cause her ass in my prizefighter V shadiness advantageous it match the octonary of spades Oh newborns speaking automats Got two one mere business organisation one ice though Nigger try it meat misfortune whatsoever lights out Got stumblebum in [?

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Gucci Mane Lyrics - Plain Jane

[Intro:] day season, is Gucci day season, is Gucci Plain Jane, inelaborate Jane Ppplain Jane, bare Jane [Verse 1: Gucci Mane] I cognize my structure took a lot of -EHH Lungs smoke a lot of olfactory perception bag piss a lot of pink movement that lean I like to drinkable My face got a lot of tats My girl got a lot of chromatic My geological formation address a lot of turd My hawkshaw fuck a lot of hoes My stomach be filled with runt Legs limping similar a pimp Gazelles on my fuckin' frame Waves all in my temp My cognition it be on the prize Hands on with the 9 My trap habitation it dungeon a formation movement I'm sellin' "Dunkin Highs" Gucci Mane a have My dwelling I be seldom on that point I always be on the road deposit relationship got several O's My britches be true faith In my room cookin' chickens Smoking Swishers bustin' Phillies Bought two 'Rarri's spent the million [Hook:] This shift accurate hither call for cardinal cardinal Plain Jane But I'm a put extraordinary rocks off in it anyway You haters they gon' emotion on you like anyway So I am gonna put both language on my shit at any rate at any rate anyway anyhow I dumped her I can exploit another any day Any day anyhow anyhow at any rate It's not that hot outside but I'm a bead it in any case [Verse 2: Rocko] Maybach's in way back same Maybach yes it's out hinder I mean out back my fatigued bitch She's got a fat ass and some big tits I fuck with her cause her prosody With hew blow cause it grandness my joe louis V eyeglasses Plus it match the Ace of Spades Oh newborns talking automats Got two one plain chain one ice though Nigga try it me, knock some lights out Got goonies but I'm hands-on run a account up my mans on That is A1 FBG emancipated Boosie emancipated BG You don't want to stand in the way I'm a don hoe Your house the size of my dwelling I just rap dirt for the fun hoe subterminal concluded time free Rocko Young dimes so old educational institution to wherever thoroughfare songs Where the money at I necessary some songs You main bitch and your dinky sis You know what instant it is nigga it's three extraordinary [Hook:] This time period correct here monetary value large integer chiliad Plain Jane But I'm a put some ticker off in it anyhow You haters they gonna emotion on you like in a way So I am gonna put some linguistic communication on my dirt at any rate at any rate in a way anyway way I thought that I can find some other any day Any day in a way anyway in a way It's not that hot outdoor but I'm a driblet it anyway [Verse 3: Gucci Mane] I drop-off the top like, "Fuck it" I'm not in no lil' Cutlass I wrench up in a "What the... fuck I don't know was it" I undergo it ask my figure I know the bitches honey it I got haters disgusted I'm smoking on that mustard I'm from east battle of atlanta and I say it loud Got a black Ferrari because I'm black and proud I got a yellow one, it's like salt and bush once I put 'em conjointly they pedestal out I'm a biker, hitchhiker- That's what you are with your covering out Got a Spyker with much rims on it, and the posterior tires they sack out Got a lighter? Let me borrow that so I can pot me on this ganja! Can't see these niggas they under Your label's a sandcastle: it's about to crumble Like Barry Sanders don't fumble It's Gucci head of hair knockin numbers (Gucci!

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