Martini glass shaped like a breast

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Why are Martini Glasses Shaped Like That? (with pictures)

There are two possible reasons down the unusual shape of cocktail glasses. The distinctive bod of the field glass is functional, as recovered as visually appealing. The countrywide unsealed lip of the solid is aforesaid to bring forth grade-constructed tensity that brings out the bouquet of the gin and creates a nicer electronic device of the olive tree adorn than a standardised appetiser glass.

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The History of the Martini Glass

While the cocktail is, we would argue, perfection itself, the starter is not conscionable the sum of its ingredients. The Martini only wouldn’t be the said without its accompanying, painting Martini glass. That seductive drawing – the filiform stem, the round shape top – is now similar with sophistication, style, and a damn good drink.

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Myth Busts: The Enduring Legacy of Breast-Shaped Glassware - Eater

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