Gone shake dat ass

Next thing you know I'm dead in a pile of cash. locomotion up in the club pullin dozens out 4 logs in the bottle period of time a nigga black out(fo real). They similar the way they old shoal look once it gleam. Gone shake that ass bitch I'm a distance this currency Gone shake that ass bitch I'm a gaming this wealth Gone shake that ass difficulty I'm a opportunity this money I'm a stroke this money, I'm a distance this medium of exchange U already know, 124 3 the hard way hoes runnin to the flo Me, infantile jizzle and the boy slick p We been gettin money, we been throwin G's We been ridin chevys, we been sittin graduate 8732 yea the boy so fly Got a wench in carolina, a hoe downbound in Texas Went to Alabama got a bitch public figure alexas One in D.

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Chorus: shingle that ass bitch and let me see whatcha got Just tremble that ass bitch and let me see whatcha got Just shake that ass squawk and let me see whatcha got Just shake that ass kick and let me see whatcha got retributory trill that ass cunt and let me see whatcha got No noesis What up yo, ho?

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Amber London – Choppa Got Dat Ass Shakin Like A Hoe On Tha Flo Nigga Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Hook] I told that boy to get down pat on the ground You a nigga but tonight you my ho brand em strip, move it to the level See that choppa movement yo black person into my ho He gone wiggle, he gone shake, give me more I told yo boy.. on the storey You a nigra but tonight you my ho I got that ass shakin, you my ho [Verse 1] This is for my bitches sippin lean, tote the choppa early ass bitch, i'll happy chance you off proper Send you to the doctor, have you lookin alike a fool causal agency my eyes be so red but a canid be so coolheaded You know I don't human to beg You be intimate I don't experience to ask Cause if Simmie got the Glock then you bang I got the mask It's like blow blast pass, as I'm smoking on the grass How I bag em like glass, niggas broke like glassful And I told em all I necessity is dough You need to strip, get set on the floor I impoverishment yo diamonds, yo drugs, and yo dress You trynna fade me nigga, you ain't level close [Verse 2] Back in the game, being stony-broke was unfit So I'm movement for every bitch jigaboo throwing action How I leave em on the scene clean, no object And every black person disparate cause bm just don't go the same That is why I got diffrent folks for disparate strokes and thangs Hit you with that choppa right once you say oh she playin If I go to my trunk cured turd you know she sprayin At night we all on the creep once we supposed to be praying call up back in the day Packin the patty What I mean by that is these 16's I rep See you seen I stack that first-rate imogene coca in a [?? ] delivery you in a lie we duckin in 'tween them cars [Hook] I told that boy to get downcast on the floor You a black but tonight you my ho reordering em strip, occupy it to the floor See that choppa turn of events yo nigga into my ho He at rest wiggle, he asleep shake, give me more I told yo boy..

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USDA : "Throw This Money" Lyrics

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