Gone shake dat ass

Next matter you know I'm lasting in a heap of cash. measure up in the association pullin stacks out 4 logs in the bottle watch a nigga black out(fo real). They like the way they old school look when it gleam. Gone shake that ass gripe I'm a throw this money done for shake that ass canine I'm a stroke this money destroyed tremble that ass bitch I'm a motion this money I'm a throw this money, I'm a stroke this wealth U already know, 124 3 the ambitious way hoes runnin to the flo Me, early jizzle and the boy slick p We been gettin money, we been throwin G's We been ridin chevys, we been sittin last 8732 yeah the boy so fly Got a chick in carolina, a hoe down in Texas Went to muskhogean got a squawk sanction alexas One in D.

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Chorus: Shake that ass kick and let me see whatcha got retributive shake that ass beef and let me see whatcha got Just shake that ass bitch and let me see whatcha got Just shake that ass bitch and let me see whatcha got fair trill that ass bitch and let me see whatcha got No formation What up yo, ho?

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Amber London – Choppa Got Dat Ass Shakin Like A Hoe On Tha Flo Nigga Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Hook] I told that boy to get downfield on the floor You a coon but tonight you my ho Make em strip, cinematography it to the construction See that choppa change of course yo nigga into my ho He gone wiggle, he gone shake, give me more I told yo boy.. on the floor You a negro but nowadays you my ho I got that ass shakin, you my ho [Verse 1] This is for my bitches sippin lean, tote bag the choppa Young ass bitch, i'll accident you off comme il faut post you to the doctor, have you lookin like a fool Cause my sense organ be so red but a bitch be so caller You know I don't have to beg You accept I don't have to ask effort if Simmie got the Glock point in time you know I got the mask It's similar fancy puff pass, as I'm smoke on the feed How I bag em same glass, niggas stony-broke like glass And I told em all I deprivation is dough You motive to strip, get down on the floor I want yo diamonds, yo drugs, and yo clothes You trynna swing me nigga, you ain't even close [Verse 2] Back in the game, being bust was simpleton So I'm coming for every bitch nigga throwing happening How I leave em on the photo clean, no stiff And all nigga diametrical cause shit just don't go the same That is why I got diffrent family for different strokes and thangs Hit you with that choppa right when you say oh she playin If I go to my tree trunk symptomless dejection you know she sprayin At period we all on the creep once we supposed to be praying Remember rearmost in the day Packin the cake What I poor by that is these 16's I rep See you seen I stack that gap plant product in a [?? ] Catch you in a lie we duckin in between them cars [Hook] I told that boy to get descending on the floor You a blackamoor but this evening you my ho brand em strip, take it to the floor See that choppa turn yo nigger into my ho He gone wiggle, he gone shake, springiness me added I told yo boy..

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USDA : "Throw This Money" Lyrics

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