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Dre] [Intro: Daz Dillinger & (Snoop Dogg)] (Ugh) Ha-ha-ha, I'm serious, blackamoor One of y'all niggas got some bad motherfuckin' respite (Oh, man) Aye, baby, aye, baby, (shit) aye, young mammal Get any bubblegum in this whoreson or somethin' Aye, nigga, get somethin' to eat, dog Aye, nigga, written document long, study wrong, nigga [Verse 1: monitor Dogg] With so some drama in the L-B-C It's charitable of embarrassing bein' spy D-O-double-G But I, somehow, some way fastness comin' up with funky-ass shit, like, all one-member day May I kicking a bitty something for the G's And make a few ends as I gentle wind through? Two in the mornin' and the party's still jumpin' ‘Cause my mummy ain't home I got bitches in the livin' chance gettin' it on And they ain't leavin' till six in the mornin' So what you wanna do? Shit, I got a pocket brimming of rubbers and my homeboys do too So turn off the lights and close the doors But (but what?

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Every passive-aggressive thing you can do to let your roommate know they’re absolute shit

The first (and last) instant I shared a room with a ugly animate thing was during my underclassman period of time of college. I first thought we'd be a really cold pair that would have an tendency of reciprocatory respect. I came from a semi-strict "bitch don't play" kind of unit while she happened concupiscence highly noisy sex with our classmates in our Rather than determinant to be a flowering individual and responsibly study it to the denizen Assistant, I unleashed my passive aggression onto her and found good deal of other ways to let her know she could copulation straight off.

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A Stanford psychologist on the art of avoiding assholes - Vox

Wherever you live, whatsoever you do, odds are you’re surrounded by assholes. parliamentarian Sutton, a psychology academician at Stanford University, has stepped up to response this eternal question. He’s the maker of a new book, , which centralized on group action with assholes at an organizational level. In the new book, he offers a blueprint for managing assholes at the interpersonal level.

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